What you need to know:

  • Vehicle owners who purchase models of the Volkswagen and Audi do so because they regard these vehicles as reliable and safe.
  • To ensure that these attributes of reliability and safety – as well as vehicle value and driving comfort – remain intact even after repairs and maintenance, you should always employ high-quality replacement parts.
  • Many owners of older vehicles are well aware of the high quality of Genuine Parts from Volkswagen AG, and therefore consider it important that they be employed in repairing their vehicles.
  • A base-model Volkswagen Golf consists of approximately 5,600 unique Volkswagen Genuine Parts® items. Altogether, roughly 500,000 unique parts go into the various models assembled by Volkswagen AG.
  • Our highly efficient logistics guarantee that Genuine Parts products are always on hand precisely where they are needed, thus ensuring the mobility of over 66 million owners of vehicles bearing the brands of Volkswagen AG.

Opt for the Genuine Part because:

  • The highest quality standards and maximum quality are assured because the entire manufacturing process is in accordance with the Formula Q quality assurance system.
  • They completely restore vehicle safety and are always technically state of the art, due to continuously incorporated product improvements.
  • They are particularly durable and protect the vehicle’s resale value. They offer customers a favorable price-performance ratio, when considering the total costs that arise during the vehicle’s lifetime.
  • Their accuracy of fit and the compatibility of their constituent materials assure a high degree of servicing reliability and short repair times.
  • Excellent parts availability and a supply guarantee for all road-worthy-related parts for up to 15 years after vehicle model production has ended.