What you need to know:

  • The brake caliper transmits the braking force through the brake pads to the brake disc – thereby slowing the rotation of the wheel.
  • In their role as safety-related parts, brake calipers must be able to exert a multiple of the engine’s force in order to slow and halt a vehicle traveling at high speed. Faulty brake calipers are therefore hazardous to all road users.
  • Some brake calipers are available as Exchange brake calipers. In the course of remanufacturing, functional and safety-related wear parts, such as pistons and seals, as well as any remaining brake fluid, are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The remaining, intact caliper housings are then cleaned and re-furbished with new Genuine Parts.
  • Unlike some of its competitors, Volkswagen AG only remanufactures cast steel brake calipers, as remanufacturing aluminum ones constitutes an extreme risk to safety.

Opt for the Genuine Part because:

  • Their perfect match to existing components ensures short repair times and satisfied service customers.
  • While they are the same quality as equivalent new parts, Genuine Exchange brake calipers cost significantly less than the new parts. This makes them an economic repair solution.
  • Genuine Exchange Parts brake calipers are permanently marked as such, so that no subsequent remanufacturing is undertaken. When they wear out a second time, used parts that have been remanufactured once are scrapped.