What you need to know:

  • Our cleaning solution rids the evaporator from microorganisms and their metabolic waste, dust particles, contaminants, fungus and unpleasant odors, while minimizing pollen concentrations that cause allergic and asthmatic reactions.
  • Indications of the climate control system malfunctioning include window fogging, odor disturbances and frequent sneezing fits among vehicle occupants.
  • The consequences of a system malfunction include an increased risk of accident due to poor visibility, premature driver fatigue, increased health risks (e.g. respiratory irritation, allergic reactions) and poorer driving comfort due to strong odors.
  • When the climate control system is cleaned, the dust and pollen filter must also be replaced.
  • The following products are available for cleaning a vehicle’s climate control system: Genuine cleaning solution in a 1-liter container (D 600 100 A2), a suction feed spray-gun (VAG 1538), and three different spray lances (e.g. VAG 1538/5 (short), VAG 1538/6 (long), 
    VAG 1538/7 (700 mm, VW Commercial Vehicles)).
  • One liter of formaldehyde-free, alcohol-based cleaning solution is applied to the climate control system’s evaporator at a spraying pressure of up to 10 bar. The solution not only kills microorganisms; it flushes them out of the vehicle.

Opt for the Genuine Part because:

  • Genuine cleaning solution for climate control system evaporators reliably protects the health and safety of vehicle occupants by lastingly eliminating nearly 100 percent of pollen and air pollutants, and by ensuring optimum ventilation performance to curb window fogging.
  • It contributes to ideal driving comfort by lastingly eliminating odors and their causes, while ensuring that the vehicle’s interior is supplied with fresh air in all driving conditions.
  • By killing microorganisms and eliminating the smallest particles, any breeding ground for environmental pathogens is prevented, and optimum functional performance is assured.
  • When regularly used in conjunction with regular dust and pollen filter replacement, it ensures a long service life for the climate control system.