What you need to know:

  • Engine oil lubricates and cleans the engine, and provides fine sealing.
  • It also reduces friction, wear and noise, while cooling thermally stressed parts and protecting against corrosion.
  • It must perform all of these functions reliably in all driving conditions – including cold and normal engine starts, as well as at high speeds on the highway or in short-distance driving.
  • Engine oils employed in vehicles equipped with diesel particle filters must possess additional qualities, such as a low content of ash-causing ingredients.
  • If a vehicle’s oil level is too low, friction can cause engine components to overheat and seize up.
  • When changing engine oil, an oil of the standard prescribed in the vehicle’s logbook must be employed. Engine oils of other standards cannot be relied upon to perform certain functions and fulfill certain specifications, such as extended service intervals.
  • Oil filters should also be replaced whenever engine oil changes are performed; otherwise, contaminants in the existing oil filter can contaminate and prematurely degrade the new engine oil.

Opt for the Genuine Part because:

  • Our Genuine engine oils have been specifically developed to protect the engine and its assemblies. Each has, in effect, been designed as a liquid component in conjunction with developing the engine for which it is intended.
  • They stand out in terms of their high degree of cold starting reliability and temperature resistance, and their extended LongLife Service oil change intervals.
  • Their balanced viscosity reliably ensures the formation of a lubrication film, even at higher ambient and engine temperatures.
  • They rapidly absorb and release heat, thereby optimally cooling thermally stressed engine components.
  • Their long-term stability and lowered ash content result in longer oil change intervals, even in the case of diesel-powered vehicles with particulate filters.
  • They may be ordered in a wide range of container formats, from handy 1-liter bottles to 208-liter drums.