What you need to know:

  • During a diesel engine’s cold-start phase, the glow plug heats the air-fuel mix to the required temperature. Particularly in winter, a diesel engine’s ability to start relies on the glow plug’s ability to perform this task.
  • Electronically controlled glow plugs heat up to the temperature required for fuel combustion within 1-2 seconds, while self-regulating glow plugs (found in older models), need more time (approx. 5 seconds) to preheat.
  • By means of ‘intermediate annealing,’ the glow plug ensures trouble-free regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. Meanwhile, its afterglow heats the engine to an optimum running temperature and simultaneously causes complete combustion of the fuel, while minimizing smoke production.
  • Glow plugs are wired in parallel sequence, so that one’s failure does not impair the functionality of the others. Nevertheless, malfunctioning glow plugs can prevent engine starts in cold conditions, and should therefore be replaced immediately.
  • Indications of malfunctioning glow plugs otherwise include increased fuel consumption, greater amounts of sooty smoke, illumination of the diesel particulate filter warning light, and harsh engine noises due to uncontrolled combustion.
  • Engine misfiring due to a malfunctioning glow plug can in turn cause damage to engine components or exhaust system components.

Opt for the Genuine Part because:

  • Genuine glow plugs are reliable in terms assuring quick engine starts and dependable starting performance in cold weather.
  • Their joints fit precisely and their sealant materials are high grade, which reduces the risk of rusting and sooting.
  • They provide optimum resiliency, even for cold starting, in short-distance use and at extreme temperatures, as well as extreme fluctuations in temperature – from cold diesel fuel to the heat of its combustion.
  • Once the engine is started, they ensure that the engine runs optimally smooth, while providing maximum driving comfort and full engine performance with low Fuel consumption of the and emission levels.
  • Genuine glow plugs are particularly durable, help save fuel and are therefore very economical.