What you need to know:

  • The starter battery is often referred to as the heart of the vehicle’s electrical system. It serves as an energy source and as a reservoir for electrical energy generated by the alternator, while assuring the vehicle’s starting readiness.
  • An initial visual inspection in the case of Genuine Parts models manufactured in 2009 or later (i.e. yellow display) consists of checking the fluid level indicator or, with older models, the ‘magic eye’ (i.e. black display).
  • A discharged battery will interrupt the vehicle’s power supply and leads to stored software data being lost. In addition, the vehicle can no longer be started.
  • According to the statistics of well-known automobile clubs, starter batteries are regularly the most common cause of vehicle breakdowns.
  • Intense heat, extended period of disuse and repeated short trips cause batteries to self-discharge, and thus shorten their service life.
  • Batteries are classic wear parts and should therefore be checked regularly with a battery tester and replaced in good time.
  • Our product range includes various types – from 36 to 110 Ah – for all models not equipped with the start-stop function.

Opt for the Genuine Part because:

  • Trustworthiness based on constant energy output, operational dependability and cold-start reliability down to -25°C (-13° F).
  • High-grade materials, higher-than-average lead content, a low self-discharge rate and high deep-discharge resistance ensure consistent performance and a long service life.
  • Thanks to LongLife technology, they are maintenance-free under normal use, lose only a negligible amount of water and retain a sufficient amount of acid throughout their entire service life.
  • They are ready for immediate use and include all the important safety features, such as acid indicator, flashback inhibitor, acid-catch reservoir, tilt-angle optimization and vibration resistance.
  • Shelf life of up to 15 months. 
  • Three-year warranty.