What you need to know:

  • They significantly contribute to road safety. After all, only the correct standard and small parts ensure optimum functional performance of individual vehicle components.
  • Particularly when it comes to safety-related vehicle components such as those of the steering or brake systems, individual mounting parts must be guaranteed to work with 100 percent reliability.
  • Standard and small parts of inadequate quality compromise vehicle safety and represent a high risk to all road users.
  • If high-grade aluminum automotive components are fastened with standard galvanized screws instead of Genuine Parts coated aluminum screws, it can lead to corrosion.
  • The use of screws of inadequate material hardness can have serious consequences.

Opt for the Genuine Part because:

  • Genuine standard and small parts provide technically trouble-free repair solutions and Genuine Parts quality to the finest detail, due to their corrosion-resistant coating, high-grade materials, the tensile or shear strength of these materials as required by the particular purpose, as well as the required fit accuracy and sealability.
  • They are optimally adapted to all other parts in terms of size, shape and material strength, affording you and your customers proper safety.
  • Elaborate testing ensures reliable functional performance even under extreme conditions. This testing verifies factors including corrosion resistance, fit and sealing capacity and material strength.