What you need to know:

  • Windscreen fluid is used in conjunction with the wiper blades to clean the windscreen and rear window, as well as the headlight glazings.
  • Indications of functional disturbances include the illumination of the cockpit warning light indicating a low level of windscreen fluid, insufficient cleaning power, impaired visibility due to streaking despite functioning wipers and nozzles, and weakening spray performance due to inadequate wiper fluid.
  • The consequences of insufficient cleaning power include poor ‘see and be seen’ visibility, due to a dirty windscreen, rear window and headlights, which increase the risk of traffic accidents.
  • When using windscreen fluids with inadequate material compatibility or insufficient antifreeze, damage-related costs may arise. Plastic headlight glazings, in particular, are susceptible to stress cracking.
  • Either a winter winscreen fluid with anti-freeze protection or a summer windscreen fluid with enhancing cleaning power should be used, depending on the season.
  • Genuine Windscreen Clear screen wash is available in a range of container sizes: as a concentrate with anti-freeze protection down to -70°C (-94°F), a ready-mix format with antifreeze protection down to -21°C / -5.8°F) and various summer products (concentrate or ready-mix).

Opt for the Genuine Part because:

  • Excellent cleaning power, dealing with insect residue in summer and salt residue in winter.
  • The concentrate provides formidable anti-freeze protection to -70° C (-94° F), is very economical and rapidly pays for itself.
  • Its optimal material composition ensures high flowability and easy removal of even waxy and oily residues, and prevents the formation of limescale deposits, clogging of nozzles and hoses, etc. and is therefore suitable for fan-spray nozzles.
  • Environmental friendly by the elimination of water-insoluble components (non-ionic surfactants) in manufacturing.
  • Excellent material compatibility: It is adapted to all of the auto paints, wiper blades, seals, glass and body parts used by Volkswagen AG.
  • The products have been approved in accordance with VW TL 52 164 and TL 52 184.